Top 3 Creative Side Business Ideas For Mom

Being a mother is not an easy job, a mom needs to prepare everything from A to Z for her family. However, the bigger the family means the bigger of money needed. Then, it needs extra effort to get extra money right? So, don’t worry about that. Making a side business can be the answer to the problem. Here, there are several creative side business ideas for mom that can pursue your passion.

1. Create a Ghost Kitchen

Creating a ghost kitchen is a piece of cake if you like cooking and baking. Ghost kitchen named for a restaurant that provides its food, not in their restaurant which means the restaurant is going online. The restaurant does marketing and promotion online. Also, the order procedure is online through a certain application or just make an order via chat apps.

This concept comes up when a mom loves cooking but she has no time to be a chef who is working in a restaurant because she needs to take care of her family. So, ghost kitchen is the solution. The ghost kitchen itself only need a special taste of the food and also the social media to promote it.

The food that can be sold is food from certain countries. For example, pasta from Italy, it has various menu and sauce such as fusilli, spaghetti, lasagna, pizza, etc. Also, the sauce such as bolognese, carbonara, etc. Or specialty food from Japan like sushi. Sushi can be filled with various ingredients such as salmon, beef, chicken, and many else.

2. Rent Your Extra Rooms for AirBnB

Do you have any spare rooms in your house? If the answer is yes, let’s try to be the host for Airbnb. Before joining as the host for Airbnb, you need to check the facilities of your house (the bathroom, beds, also the fridge). Then, make sure that your environment is secure for travelers. 

You will get full authority of your room availability, rules, prices and the service to the guests. Also, you can promote your properties with the membership program that offered.

After that, the guests are coming to your house and your bank account will be fully automatic. The thing that important in this business is the service that you give to your guests must be excellent and persistent because your guests will review your properties and give a recommendation to their family, friends, and colleagues.

Room rental like Airbnb can be an alternative of creative side business ideas for mom that not need extra effort because the properties, facilities, and authority depend on yours. 

3. Have a Vlog!

 A vlogger is a new job that appears from hobby to review anything in audiovisual media. Being a vlogger means that you need to have creative content that arouses audience curiosity about viral things or rare items in this era. Having a vlog means that you are ready to inspire others.

The more audience subscribes to your channel, the higher the amount of money you will get. Why? Because Youtube will offer you to put several advertisements during your show. Then, money comes to you regularly if you are consistently making a vlog. 

Some hobbies, such as cooking, organizing, even gaming become famous topics in an audiovisual platform like Youtube. Also, reviewing various kinds of food and drinks, skincare, make-up can be your content.

In conclusion, having a business idea can develop mom’s critical thinking to be more energetic and passionate about something that they have. The creative side business ideas for mom are helping a mother who wants to fill in their piggy bank or emergency fund.