Police Games For Kid You Can Supervise

police games for kid
police games for kid

Most kids nowadays love to play games in PC or phones. There are a lot of fun games kids can play. As long as it doesn’t cause any harm, and appropriate for their ages. Here is a list of police games for kid that you can easily download on google play store:

1. Kids Policeman Station

With funny character, the Hippo police officer will brighten up the children’s days. This game has positive reviews, 4.4. star and had a lot of feedback and comment from the player. It also has timing included in this game to make it easier for a parent to set phone-timing for them. Almost not showing any violence, the Hippo just playing around takes care of the traffic, and answering emergency calls. This game also educate the children to learn a lot of useful things. Also, it comes for free.

2. Little Police Station

Good graphics and fun animated character, this game is perfect for kids, especially aged 3-5. This game good reviews, 4.0 stars, and supporting comments. The police character in this game is expected to catch villains and criminals, like bank robbers and thieves. This game recommended for children because it has simple control, easy navigation and, train kids logic through evidence and simple problem-solving cases. Also, it comes for free and can be played without an internet connection.

3. Funny Police Games for Kid

Recommended for children under 7 years old, this game promotes coordination ability. The game has good reviews, comments and, feedbacks, 3.8 stars. It can improve kid’s police knowledge and has funny racing games.  This game also has good music and graphics that will entertain kids, and good navigation and easy rules. Boys or girls can play this game and they can choose their car and location. The police’s character came as a good hero that catch the villain.

4. Police Games for Kid Free: Police Car Cop Games

This game suit most for under 8 years of kids. This game is one of the brain games, comes with trivia and fun puzzle games. The children expected to remember icons, so it can test their memory and recognition. The police character is shown as a good hero that has to catch villain through pieces of evidence given before. It has good graphics, music and, sound effect. Also, the game comes for free. It also promotes good coordination and test about simple police knowledge.

5. My Town: Police Station

Design for kids, it has funny characters and graphics that kids will enjoy. It has a lot of characters. The game created to grows a kid’s imagination and simple problem-solving cases. Kid will help the police catch the villain and solves some mysteries. It’s featured some locations to play, some different characters that can communicate with each other. It played like a digital doll-house of police and some other people. The game also has good reviews and, recommended for children of 4-12 years old.

Those are the 5 kinds of police games for kid that can be easily played. It comes with an educational part, less violence act, and easily enjoy for both genders, boys and girls. So, what are you waiting for? Download and play it now.