Tips On Choosing Photography Ideas For Pre Wedding That Doesn’t Cost a Lot Of Money

Before this kind of photos were only done by a handful of couples, now it seems like more and more are doing it. Even though they spend quite deep, many couples do it. But there are some tips for choosing photography ideas for pre wedding that don’t cost a lot of money.

1 Look For Cheap But Still Creative Concepts

One of the amazing strengths of pre-wedding photos lies in an interesting concept. Therefore, as a couple, you should be able to think of other photo styles that have been used by others. To get inspiration, you can browse various pre-wedding photos and combine them with your ideas.

In addition, you can use your hobby as a pre-wedding photo theme. But because this concept is cheap pre-wedding, look for hobbies whose properties are not too expensive. For example, using a soccer jersey and microphone as its properties.

2. Peg The Budget

Setting a budget is an important point that must be done if you do not want to pay excessive pre wedding costs. Discuss with your partner about the costs that will be incurred for the needs of pre wedding photos ranging from the cost of photographers, costumes and others.

For example, setting a pre wedding fee of 2 million rupiah. Photographer services cost 1 million rupiahs. Means having to adjust other expenses such as costumes with the remaining budget.

Look for inexpensive alternatives such as casual fashion style choices or use rental services for evening dresses. Also limit the amount of clothing that will be used, because, in addition to expensive, couples will also be tired of changing costumes and wasting time.

3. Select a Location

Must find their suitable location of photography ideas for pre wedding photo taking by following the theme you want. Try to find something that spends a minimal budget. Try hunting various beautiful places that have not been commercialized.

Luckily for couples who live in Indonesia because our country never lacks destinations that are full of natural beauty. So, there is no need to have to pay expensive costs to get memories of pre wedding abroad far away.

For example, places that become recommendations for photography ideas for pre-wedding are Bandung, Aceh, East Nusa Tenggara, and many more. These places have many photo spots for pre-wedding.

4. Make Your Own

Makeup or makeup is one element of the photo that is mandatory for women. Especially for matters of photographs, women would want the best. Unfortunately, not all women can groom. Therefore the role of the makeup artist is very necessary.

Yet to pay for the services of makeup artists is also not cheap. On average, a budget of 300,000 to 1 million rupiahs fot that matter. Instead of paying a fortune, try to dress yourself up. There are many makeup tutorials available on the internet, from writing to videos that can be easily followed.

5 Choosing Time

Especially for couples who want to do prewedding photos outside the city or abroad, choose a low season time that will not be burdensome.

Flight tickets and hotel costs have a significant effect because the bride and groom will bear the costs of traveling for photographers and makeup artists. In addition, it will also affect the cost of renting photographic equipment.

That’s the tips of photography ideas for pre wedding that do not cost much. Want a good photo is not wrong, but must still pay attention to the financial situation for the prospective bride and groom.