How To Train Dog For Hunting In Step by Step

How to train dog for hunting

For some of the people who love hunting, it’s essential to have hunter dogs. It can help to retrieve the hunted animals or detect where they are. However, not all dogs can help you to hunt. They need a proper train so that they can be a splendid hunter. If you want to have a dog for hunting, aside from the breed it’s important to choose the puppy rather than the adult dog. That’s way, you can train it easier. But how to train dog for hunting? Let’s find out together.

1. Socializing with Your Puppy

The first step in how to train dog for hunting is to socialize with the puppy. It begins when you met your puppy for the first time. Play with it often to establish a trust relationship with it. Don’t forget to make it gets along with other people, hunters, and pets. If you have established a trust relationship with your puppy, it will have a desire to make you, the owner happy. And this desire is the one that makes it powerful.

2. Introduce Puppy to Water

When you’re in the hunting area, there’s a possibility you have to face a lake or a place that has waters in it. That’s why it’s better to make your dog get used to the water. You can start the training by introducing how fun is the water to your puppy.

Insists that playing with the water is the way to earn the rewards from you. However, you have to remember to start the training from the small pool. When your puppy already get used to a small pool, try to play with open big water 

3. Teach The Basic Command

Although complicated command may make your puppy looks smarter, it is still not a smart idea. The best way is to teach it from a basic command such as sit and stay. If your puppy has understood the basic then you can start to teach it a complicated command. Skipping the step of command teaching won’t do anything good as the basic is the foundation for the next level command. 

4. Introduce The Puppy to Decoy and The Bird

The next step on how to train dog for hunting is to make your puppy understand the difference between the decoy and real bird. To realize it, first, you must introduce your puppy to the decoy and the real bird. Use the scent of each other so your puppy knows the difference. After that, set the decoy in a faraway place before throwing the dummy. Command your puppy to retrieve the dummy one.

5. Make The Puppy Experience Actual Hunting Situation

A dog that good, in theory, is not guaranteed to be good in practical hunting. That’s why to ensure it good in the actual hunting, you have to expose it in the actual hunting situation. Bring your dog to your practice place so it won’t be surprised by the gun. That’s way, it can perform well in the actual hunting.

Completing the steps on how to train dog for hunting will turn your puppy into a great dog hunter. When training your puppy don’t forget to give rewards if it shows a positive result. This will drive it to make you happy.