How to Train A Dog to Stop Barking

Dogs are animals that people love to have as a pet. This is because dogs are very playful, and they can even be helpful for people. Many people even say that a dog is a human’s best friend because they can be very useful. Most of the types of dogs will be very friendly with their owners, but when they meet strangers they will bark. This can be very helpful too, therefore owners can know if someone comes. However, there are dogs that just can’t stop barking and keeps barking on every little thing. So, how to train a dog to stop barking and is it possible?

A dog will usually bark to inform something, whether to say hi or inform if there is any danger. However, if your dogs keep on barking this may be annoying. Before your neighbors complain, it is better to know how to train a dog to stop barking. Remember, barking is natural, so this is only for dogs who can’t stop barking. Try these steps to your dog and see how it works.

1. Tell dogs to Stop Barking

The first step to try is telling your dogs to stop barking. You can tell them this instruction by using your fingers, another gesture that can make the dog understand. However, don’t yell at the dog because it will make the dog bark more to you. Usually, the dog will stop barking for a while, but then continue to bark again. This is totally normal, therefore don’t stop at the first trial. Be patient and keep repeating this until the dog is calm. Usually, it will take a few times for you to speak to your dog.

 2. Ignoring the Barking

Keeping quiet can be the key to make the dog stop bark. Usually, a dog will bark to get the attention of their owners. Sometimes they just want to play or just like to bark all day long. Therefore, try not to get attracted by their bark. Try to not get attract with their bark and keep cool. This may be hard and annoy the dog. But this is the simplest yet hard way to teach your dog to be independent. 

 3. Activities for the Dog

How to train a dog to stop barking can also be done by giving them more activities to do. Some experts say the cause of dogs keeps barking is they have too much energy. Therefore, allocate their energy to other ways such as playing games with them. Or by simply going for a walk with them every morning and afternoon. These simple ways can drain out their energy, so hopefully, your dog will stop barking.

 4. Look for the Cause

If your dog keeps on barking over and over, then it best to see what is going on. Usually, a dog will keep on barking if they see something that they don’t see daily. Therefore, if they bark at a stranger, it is totally normal. But if they keep barking in one spot, check out what is going on. Once you see the cause and do some action, they should stop barking.

 5. Call an Expert

After doing all these steps, and your dog keeps barking like crazy, then it is time to call an expert. There are many dog experts that can help with many kinds of dog problems. And this includes annoying barking. But remember everything will take time, so don’t hope the result is instant.

How to train a dog to stop barking isn’t easy and needs some time. However, by practicing it every day, it will help the dog to learn. Before giving up or calling an expert, give your dog and yourself a deadline. Try to do it yourself first and remember you must be patient.