How to Relieve Back Pain

Up until now, it is still complicated in determining the causes of back pain. Some people believe that the major cause of back pain is the lack of activity.  Therefore, there are many options on how to relieve back pain. Check out the following list!

1. Do Not Stop Moving

Although doctors said that it is better to bed rest when the back pain comes, it does not mean that you should bed rest for days. Just laying down on the bed for days can weaken the muscles and spine and inhibit the healing process.

Thus, lying in bed for more than two days is not recommended. Doing some activity might accelerate healing. Try to wake up from bed for every few hours, also do some walks and stretching. Other exercises such as swimming and yoga are also effective in relieving back pain.

2. Good Posture

Another way on how to relieve back pain is by having a good posture. No, it is not for looking great, but for keeping healthy the spine. Good postures can help to eliminate strain and stress on your back that can readjust the structure of the spine.

Avoid bad postures such as slouching and bending sideways when standing and or sit down. Do not slump over your work-desk. Straighten up your back, relax your shoulder, keeps the good posture and back pain will go away.

3. Stretching

Stretching can be another method on how to relieve back pain. Sitting or lying down in a long time is not healthy for the spine. Start stretching every morning before starting the activity and stretch every time you can.

Your blood circulation will improve if you do stretching regularly and prevent back pain. Stretching can also get rid of the ache or inconvenience due to lack of activity.

4. Quit Smoking

The effects of smoking are bad for your health. People that more likely have back pain are smokers. Smoking can inhibit the blood flow in the spine and weakens the disc between its sections which could lead to rupture or crack.

Little blood supply for the spine means less oxygen and nutrition for the spine. These will leads to an unhealthy spine. An unhealthy spine means more potential for having back pain. Therefore, quit smoking before it is too late.

5. Lighten Your Load

Back pain is also commonly caused by heavy lifting. People often forget that their spine have to endure various heavy load such as backpack contains a lot of things, laptop bag, camera, and others. Lift loads of heavy groceries and boxes are also often been done.

This constantly heavy lifting contributes to worsening back pain. Thus, lighten up the loads can be a great idea for relieving back pain. Start using trolley when doing groceries or divide the weight equally when carrying load stuff to hinder hurting your back.

Even though there are various causes of back pain, a lot of ways on how to relieve back pain are also available. Keep exercising, stretching, keeping good postures, stop smoking, and lighten the load can help to reduce the back pain and avoid this pain in the future.