Important Figures In The History Of The Photography You Should Know

Photography is something familiar in our life. Many people know about photography and many people also become a photographer. Even though we are not a photographer, sometimes we do simple photography such as taking A selfie picture, take a panorama picture in holiday time, and many others. But, except knowing about the meaning of photography, do you know the history of the photography itself?

Well, same as another knowledge and technology, photography also has history. History of the photography may not different from other knowledge or technology. The photography was started for a long time ago by someone and become famous over time. So, are you interested in knowing the history of photography? Here are the stories from the key figures in this said history:

1. Mo Ti

The history of the photography starts from a long time ago in 19 century. At that time, photography recognized as the new technology inspiration in France. People could create 2D pictures. Along time ago, in 5 century, a man named Mo Ti observed a condition. He saw in his dark-room, there is a pinhole. He saw that from the pinhole he can see that room reflected another room. Mo Ti realizes there is something strange with the pinhole and he becomes the first person that realizes the Obscure camera phenomenon.

2. Ibnu Al-Haitam

After many centuries, may people such as Aristoteles in the 3 Century, an Arabic scientist, Ibnu Al-Haitam in 10 century and many others also realize this phenomenon. Those scientists try to make and developed the tools that we know as a camera.

3. Giambattista Della Porta

In 1558, the scientist from Italy, Giambattista Della Porta, called the Obscure camera to the box that helping the artist to take a shadow. He made a box that doesn’t have any light inside and it can produce the shadow to the outside.

4. Johannes Kepler

The scientist names Johannes Kepler made the name ‘Obscure’ in 1611. Johannes also made the design of the portable camera like a tent and gave it a name as the obscure camera. He was the first person who give the name obscure camera.

5. Niepce Nicephore

The history of photography does not stop to develop until now. From the 17 century, many scientists try to develop the camera. They try and keep trying until he did it in 1824. The scientist, from France Nicephore, named Niepce, success to make a Heliographure. He kept his trial and error until in 1826 he made real photography.

Now, that photography was saving in the University of Texas in Austin, South Australia. He did not satisfied with his achievement and kept his analyzing until August 1839. In 1839 the designer of opera made the real picture and he recognizes as the first people that made photography.

From the key figures in the history of the photography above, we learn many things. Therefore, we must be able to keep the spirit and keep reach our future as them. Don’t easy to give up. Those scientists already give as much knowledge from their spirit. We must also try to reach the goal even though it is not easy to reach.