Have You Know When To Vaccinate Dog For Rabies? Never Miss It!

when to vaccinate dog for rabies

Are you pet lovers? You probably have lots of dogs at home. As same as humans, a dog also needs to vaccinate for rabies. This vaccinates will help a dog to be free from rabies. But there are lots of people who don’t know when to vaccinate dog for rabies. Therefore, there are lots of dogs that have rabies. This will be dangerous for you and your family, right? As dog lovers, you should know when to vaccinate your dog.

Vaccinate pets is really important to be done. There are so many humans who are died because of the pet virus. This will be dangerous for a human, especially for the pet lover. There are so many vaccines for your pet. It should be suitable for your pet condition. If your pet often outdoor, you should give them non-core vaccination. But the important thing is you should make a schedule for dog vaccination. Here is some information about dog vaccination that you should do.

1. Rabies 1-Year

It is the first vaccination that you have to do. You can give this vaccinate when your dog has under 3 months of age. This is very useful to protect our dog for rabies. It can be your preventive action to avoid your dog from rabies. You can give this vaccinate in a single dose. This is one of the core vaccination for a dog that you have to do. So, have you given this vaccination before?

2. Rabies 3-Year

If you already give vaccinate for 1 year before, you also should give this vaccinate. This is the second vaccinate for your dog. You can give this vaccinate after 1 year. After that, you should give vaccinate again every 3 years. As the same as 1-year vaccination, you can also give this in a single dose. This vaccination also includes in the core vaccination.

3. Distemper Vaccinate to Protect Rabies

As you know that distemper is one of the dog problems. There are lots of pet owners who confused about this problem. If you don’t give an action for your dog, your dog also will be rabies because of this. It is why you have to make sure that your dog is free from distemper. Distemper vaccinate can be done in the 6 and 16 weeks of age. You can give this vaccinate in 3 doses every period. So, have you done this?

4. Before Interstate Travel

Do you want to bring your dog to the interstate? If you want to do this, you should give rabies vaccinate before. Most of the airport ask rabies vaccination certificate for your dog. It will be very important to save everyone from rabies. In addition, when your dog has transit in the airport, it should be accompanied by Form 51. So, you already know when to vaccinate dog for rabies

5. When You Bring in the New Environment

Always protect dog for every virus is really important to avoid rabies. There are lots of dog viruses out there. Therefore, if you bring your dog a new environment, you vaccinate your dog first. There are lots of wild animals which have rabies out there. It will be possible to transfer this virus to your dog.

Those are the schedules when to vaccinate dog for rabies that you have to do. This will be very important to protect your dog for rabies. If you have a healthy dog, you will be healthy too, right?