Do People Still Need To Learn Latin, Why Is That?

Do people still need to learn latin

Some say that Latin is the root of many languages ​​useful today, especially Spanish, French and Italian. Therefore, learning Latin is like learning the whole Indo-European grammar. Do people still need to learn Latin? See the reason.

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Get to Know One of the World’s Oldest Language

For thousands of years, Latin has been an oral language that has continued to develop other languages ​​since its use in the Roman Empire. Latin is the source of many words in English dictionaries and has had a profound impact on words in the European Union.

Even though Old Latin is not supported by a single country, learning to speak its variants can provide personal insight that people have never been aware of. Spanish is the official language used in North America (Mexico), the Caribbean, South America and Africa (Equatorial Guinea).

The structure of the Spanish language is much simpler than that of the Mandarin language. Some people even say that learning Spanish is easier than learning English because almost 30 percent of the vocabulary comes from Latin.

Is Latin Still Valid in this Modern Era?

Along with the declining influence of Rome and the development of the Latin era, it was not widely useful, except in the Roman Catholic Church. Although Latin considered dead, several reasons can take into consideration do people still need to learn Latin.

1 Understand Your Language

Many English words come from Latin words. By learning where these words come from, you will better appreciate the language and better understand the actual impact these words have. English is not the only language that has words and meanings derived from Latin.

Most of the words and meanings in European languages ​​have been assimilated into cultural languages. This is evidence of how much impact the Roman Empire had centuries ago when civilized culture began to take shape.

2 The Power of Science

Because most of the science in schools use Latin words for their material, learning Latin can help students’ educational practices in these subjects. It’s the same as preparing students’ mentality for the content they are going to learn.

For example, learning how to play basketball by watching games all season. And playing with friends increases the ability of a child who knows how to play it well when he is training for the school team.

3 Knowledgeable

Many Latin words and phrases are still useful today. Understanding the true meaning of “ad hoc” can help those who understand computer networks better, for example. Knowing what the meaning of the phrase is still useful can help in many areas of life such as law, medicine, and politics.

Many understand legalism which is cover to the Latin term and some of them will use it to their advantage. By understanding Latin, you can avoid becoming a victim of misunderstanding.

4 Forerunner of Other Languages

Some argue that learning Latin can help improve people’s knowledge. Namely about the root word to help learn other languages. Perhaps this view holds because many languages ​​make use of Latin derivatives in their spelling and meaning. With this, people having prior knowledge about how word roots came from. Thus, they can theoretically have a deeper understanding of the language that people are learning.

Those are some reasons, do people still need to learn Latin. The discussion is very suitable to consider for learning Latin. To benefit from being able to become fluent in foreign languages.