Components Of School System Rating And The Benefit Of Knowing The School’s Rating For Parents

Every state has its own way to give the standard to the school. But all the standard only can be measured by doing an evaluation. School system rating is one of the evaluations that can show how well a school is. Here are the component and benefits of knowing the school rate.

Component Of The Rating

Just like another evaluation, the school system rating also has some components as the object of evaluation. Here is some component that is commonly used by that rating system.

1. College Readiness

The first most important thing about school system rating is about college readiness. This rating is come from how many students have passed the college test, and the graduation score.

Some country uses this component but some others only use the data to make an archive. The school in which almost 90% of students have passed the college test for some years will get a good score in this component.

This component’s score will guide you to know whether this school is taking care seriously about your kid’s next school or not. If they are serious and want to help your kids, they must give some facilities too.

2.Test Scores

For this component, the evaluator will calculate the test score of the school’s student. Then the score will be graded to another school in the state or being count whether it still above the state’s standard or not.

This test score can be an indication of whether the learning process is going well or not. From the result, parents also can see the difference between a school and the other. Which one has better test scores, and whether their kids can adapt to the learning system or not?

3. Equity Ratings

In all schools, there must be some disadvantages student and a brilliant student. Once they are a student, they have the same rights.

So, the equity ratings count how well the school brings the disadvantages student groups to success. They will watch the progress of those students

This is a good rating to know because it can show that the school giving a bigger effort to make their students learn well. It means that they really want to help the student to have good learning progress.

4. Attendance Flag

The fourth component which also counts in the summary rating is the attendance score. It measures the discipline of the students in the school.

If there are a lot of students which often absent, the attendance flag will be in the bad score. Why this thing matter?

It is because there might be a problem that makes students don’t want to go to school. Something that may make them uncomfortable to study or socialize there.

The benefit of Knowing School System Rating For Parents

After having a school system rating process, those schools will get the result. This result can be announced through the school’s website or other media. This is a few benefits of knowing how much the result of school system rating for parents, especially they who are about to choose a school for their kids.

1. Be A Benchmark For Parents

Watching the result of school system rating is important to parents, before choosing the right school for their kids. It can be a benchmark for them whether a school is good or not.

From the ratings, a parent can compare some schools. Which one has the best score? But sometime, the score will not be the most important matter.

Parents should see the school location, the culture and anything else. The score is just a number to make the comparison easier to do.

2. To Know The School’s Quality

Then, the school system rating also can show how good the school quality is. This rating system can collect the school’s data in a few last years. Maybe 4 or 5 latest years. That quality can help parents to know whether the kids are suitable or not in this school.

Being a parent is tricky. Choosing the best school doesn’t always mean choosing the highest result of school system rating. You have to be wise and still hear what your kids want.

So before deciding where your kid will go, do a discussion with them first. Then, you can give some advice and can hear what they want