6 Creative Marketing Ideas For Banks For Inspirations

creative marketing ideas for banks

Banks are not just a place to save money but for other transactions. However, there is no change in marketing for banks that makes people bored. Therefore, banks must make more creative marketing innovations. The following are some creative marketing ideas for banks that you can do.

1. Location-Based Advertising

Physical location is the main thing you should consider when creating an ad. This will affect the audience’s interest in enjoying the advertisements that you make. One example is HSBC launching a campaign to build awareness of personal banking services.

The event occurred in 2005 in Australia. The bank made origami folding instructions on receipts as creative advertising ideas. So the advertisement encourages others to participate in the bank program.

2. Gamify Banking

Gamification is one of the creative and easy ways to attract the attention of consumers. This method involves interesting game principles to motivate consumer involvement. Usually, banks use this gamification to promote the bank’s new programs.

One example is to promote the choice of making lunch at home to save money. After that, users will take up the challenge so they will start saving. So the user will transfer directly to a savings account. For this reason, utilizing gamification at FinTech is one of the creative marketing ideas for banks.

3. Improving Services at the Bank in a Fun Way

Providing good service is also one of the marketing strategies. Moreover, customer satisfaction you must consider the most important. For that, you can take advantage of increasingly sophisticated technology such as using the help of Al chatbots.

With chatbots, banks can provide basic information services or other interest requests. This method is faster than done manually. Of course, customers will like it more because it is practical and saves time.

4. Highlight Success Stories

To attract the attention of bank customers, you must have many success stories. This you can use as a marketing campaign by taking stories from successful people. So you can stimulate others to try to get the same success.

It will also show your concern for customers to change lives for the better. Most importantly, the service you provide must aim to benefit the customer. Of course, customers will be challenged to do the same with the success story. So the customer will come to the bank to save the money.

5. Create Social Media Personalities

There are still many banks that implement traditional methods that are boring. So it is not enough that many new customers who want to use the services of the bank. Therefore, banks must continue to innovate in accordance with the changing times. One way is to make a personality on social media.

What you should pay attention to is not focus on encouraging customers to get involved in bank programs. Or just to build customer loyalty because it’s so old-fashioned. We recommend that you make posts that are interesting and further highlight the company’s personality. That way, customers will tend to follow the pages or social media channels that you create.

6. Reward Users for Engagement

Customer involvement you must give a gift as an award. This could also be one of the creative marketing ideas for banks. For that, you can give prizes to customers for their involvement in the program that the bank made. However, as a marketing strategy, you have to give it to certain events that will attract the attention of others to know your bank.

So, on one hand, you can appreciate customers who have joined, while on the other hand, you can also market your bank. Do not forget to do it consistently so that customers are not disappointed and always feel fortunate for using the services of your bank.

That was some creative marketing ideas for banks that you can do. The important thing is always to innovate so that your bank becomes more attractive. That way customers will come alone to your bank to use your bank’s services.