5 Way Of How To Teach Dog Where To Pee And Poop

how to teach dog where to pee and poop

For dog fans, having a pet is very adorable.  Dogs have funny behavior that can entertain their owners.  Some of them can become reliable housekeepers.  But sometimes, feel uncomfortable and disturbed by pee and poop carelessly. Therefore, you must know how to teach dog where to pee and poop, namely :

1. Be Aware of Behavior

Recognizing the behavior of dogs when going to pee and poop is one way how to teach dog where to pee and poop.  This can be done by recognizing daily habits in carrying out daily activities.

The pet owner is of course already very familiar with the habits of his pet when going to pee and poop. Usually, the dog will sniff, run around his body or even rub his body on the owner’s feet.

2. Provide a Special Place

Provide a special place for dogs to pee and poop.  The dog will understand which place will be the destination when it must pee and poop.  Dogs are animals that are easier to understand.  Thus the existence of a special place will make them better understand where to pee and poop.

Especially at this time, many are selling special equipment for dogs pee and poop with a funny shape.  So that it can attract the attention of dogs to do pee and poop in the same place. Unique and cute shape and packing will make the dog more comfortable and interested in pee and poop in that place.

3. Herding Dogs in a Special Place

After knowing the dog’s body language, when you want to pee and poop, and provide a special place.  Then the next is to herd the dog when will carry out these activities in the space provided.  This is one way how to teach dog where to pee and poop.

Immediately do herding dogs to a special place, if you see their behavior as if they want to pee or poop. In this way, dogs will get used to doing it themselves.  Because animals will imitate from habit.

4. Give praise

If the dog is successful in doing the above, then give praise.  Praise will make the dog happier, he will rub his body and run up and down with joy.

Praise can be in the form of stroking and stroking her fine hair or giving her favorite foods. Giving Praise is a way for dogs to feel happy when they have done something.

5. Maintain Cleanliness

Next, how to teach dog where to pee and poop are to immediately clean the place so that the dog feels comfortable when going to use it again.

Immediately cleaning a special place for pee and poop can also prevent the growth of bacteria that can cause disease.  Of course, you do not want their pet to get sick.  Therefore, always keep clean.

Thus the explanation of how to teach dog where to pee and poop.  You can try it directly by practicing it on your pet dog.  Teaching dogs to pee and poop in certain places will make the home environment cleaner.  Thus, it can suppress bacteria that cause disease.