5 Facts of Dog Breed Maltese You Should Know Before You Adopt

This dog is a small dog that is considered ideal for residents who have limited space. This dog is very attractive and loved all over the world with its long and attractive white fur. Anyone who plans to adopt dog breed Maltese must know the facts about it.

This breed of dog is very funny and active so many people who want it. However, this breed of dog has characteristics that you should know about. Here are 5 facts about dog breed Maltese that you should know before you adopt it:

1.     Have a Cute Appearance

This dog has a very cute and adorable look. The size is very small, under 25cm tall, and weighs 2-3 kg. Therefore, you can class this dog as a dog toy. This dog’s fur is long, thick, smooth, soft and white like snow fur.

The head is quite round, the nose is medium, the eyes are dark, and the mouth is small. Moreover, this dog has long ears, and the feathers always go down. This dog also has a mini version of it, named Teacup Maltese.

2.     This Dog Can Live Long

If you are a dog lover, you definitely want your pet to have a long life. One breed of dog that has a long life is the dog breed Maltese. The normal life expectancy of this dog is around 15 years. But they can also live up to 18 years.

You can choose pure Maltese breeds so your dog has a long life. Usually, this breed of dog has a certificate that tells you that the breed is pure. Or, you can do the right dog care so that your dog lives long.

3.     Have a Good Heart

This dog is known for having a good heart. He is very active, intelligent, loyal to his master, and not arrogant. This breed of dog is also skilled in learning tricks. Moreover, this dog is very obedient and easily trained in social communication or regulations at home.

They are also very kind and friendly. But they are rather difficult in terms of food and sometimes stubborn. This dog is known to be difficult to teach pooping in its place.

4.     Expert In Jumping

Maltese has a small, petite, and funny physique, but you do not doubt the guts. This little dog likes to jump and jump around. They also have no problem jumping from your sling to a much lower place.

This breed of dog is very energetic and active. They like to run and their needs are usually walking and playing. However, because of its small size, you do not need a large backyard.

5.     Have Over-Protective Nature

This breed of dog is very watchful. If not trained, they can become annoying barks. This dog will bark at every small provocation. Don’t let him think that they are dominant members at home.

If you let that happen, they can become aggressive with children or adults. Therefore, you need to play or train this dog. You can train these dogs to be guards for your house or so they will be loyal towards you.

These are 5 facts about dog breed Maltese that you should know. If you want to choose this dog as your pet, you better know a lot of information about this dog. So, various information that you know can make you a good and responsible owner of your dog.