5 Cute Names for a Girl Kitten You Can Use

This day, many people choose a kitten for their pets. They both usually become closer and the owner doesn’t see the cat as his pet but as his friends. Moreover, the cat’s owner usually gave a cute name for their kitten. When we talk about kitten’s name, outside there, many people feel confused to choose one of the cute names for a girl kitten.

When we talk about owning a kitten, we also talk about her treatment. Besides, we always try to give her our best. Like for her sleeping area, house, playground, and also for her name. Giving a name to the kitten is not that easy. Every person had their taste about kitten names. Some people give their cat a traditional name, cute name, or the unique name.

Even when other people said that pet’s name is just nothing, it is still important to give your pet identity. Here are some of the cute names for a girl kitten we have concluded from many countries around the world.

1. Luna

Luna is the shortener of “lunar” which is means moon in Spanish. This is the most popular kitten names around the world. However, many people use this name because it is easy when we spoke her name and that name also has a big meaning. Luna has a feminine side a lot for girl kitten. It can be interpreted as a girl with a soft character, not dazzling but still shiny.

2. Patch

A lot of people are having a kitten with striped color in his body. Because of that color, people interpret it as a patch and then using it as her name. This name can be one of the kitten names you can use. This name has an impression like a modern name but still, leaves a cute impression for you.

3. Chloe

Chloe in Yunani means a green herb, that means your kitten can be a medicine for you. Besides, this name also has a meaning as an important girl with many people who loved them. This name will be a perfect name for your cute kitten because it contains the feminist side.

4. Bella

The next cute names for a girl kitten is Bella. This name means a beautiful lady with a good personality. However, there is three big public figure from the past with this name that had a big impact on this world before. Above all, you can call your kitten easily with this name.

5. Lucy

Lucy is one feminine name that usually used in English and French. This name is taken from Latin name, Lucius which is mean light. Besides you can use this name for your kitten because you see it as a lightening one. Above all, Lucy is easy to name to the spoke that makes you comfortable while talking with your cat.

There are also available many cute names for a girl kitten you can use like Lily, Sophie, Lola, Cleo, Zoe, and Nala. These names have a good meaning that just like giving a good wish for your kitten. You can use one of them for your girl kittens.