10 Of Best Way How To Keep Your Business During Coronavirus To Stay Grow Up 

how to keep your business during coronavirus

Coronavirus weakens all areas of life. The government instructions require all citizens to stay at home.  Thus, they cannot do business or work to make money. Therefore, this following explanation, show you how to keep your business during coronavirus, namely :

1. Maintaining Good Relations With Clients

How to keep your business during coronavirus is maintaining good relations with clients.  Meet the needs of clients or consumers well, and instill in the company’s vision that service for clients is number 1. Thus, consumers feel cared for. 

2. Stay In Touch With Clients

Another way to maintain a business is to maintain communication with clients.  Therefore, use communication technology facilities to greet clients. Thus, the client will not move to the competitor’s company. Using social media is the best way to connect with your client. 

3. Understanding Client Complaints 

The third tip on how to keep your business during coronavirus to stay grow up is understanding client complaints and trying to find solutions. Business competition in the midst of the Coronavirus is certainly not easy to grow up the business. So, you should try to get another strategy to be a winner. 

4. Creating A Supporting Business

Many businesses have been closed due to the Coronavirus.  Therefore, maintaining business by creating supporting businesses.  For example, if your business is a printing business, you should provide supporting businesses in the form of paper procurement.

5. Gives Special Discount Promos During Corona. 

In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, it is best to give special discounts to customers.  That is because the majority of companies are closed because of it, thus retaining existing customers, one way how to keep your business during the coronavirus. 

6. Evaluation of Financial Statements

Evaluating financial statements is very important, the article of the financial statements can determine the condition of the company, profit or loss, cash flow, as well as some of the company’s assets.  Thus, it can determine the decisions and policies that will be taken.

7. Developing An Online Business 

In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, all activities are carried out at home.  Thus, many people make transactions online to be safe and comfortable. Therefore, choosing to develop an online business is one smart step.

8. Pay Attention to Employees 

Paying attention to employees include productivity in work, and see how much contribution to the company.  In the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak, many companies have fired their employees. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to employee productivity. 

9. Special Crisis Team 

A special team for the crisis will monitor the flow of funds, as well as anticipate risks if there are risks in the future.  Therefore, it is important to form a team, so that they can see and anticipate all risks that may occur. 

10. Switch To More Potential Businesses

Businesses must be good at capturing opportunities, especially in the midst of this Coronavirus.  Many businesses go bankrupt, but some are on the rise, one of which is the business of making masks.  Therefore, if the tips above don’t work, then it’s time to switch to potential business.

Those are some tips on how to keep your business during coronavirus.  Thus, you can still run your business in the midst of an outbreak, where many companies go bankrupt.